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Tech Review: Look ahead with astrology, fortune apps

An Apple iPhone 5. Mom and dads can

An Apple iPhone 5. Mom and dads can find educational apps to distract their children. (Sept. 28, 2012) Credit: Getty Images

Everyone loves a good daily horoscope along with their morning cup of coffee. Nothing puts a spring in your step like a stellar outlook on the day. And by the same token, nothing can put a damper on your day quite like a barista who forgets to put out the horoscope section. But never fear: If you have a mobile phone, your horoscope could just be a swipe away! Here are some fabulous horoscope and fortunetelling mobile apps:


(iOS, Android; free)

Looking for a way to track your horoscope on a daily, weekly and monthly basis? This app is loaded with content to help you get a jump on predicting and planning for the month ahead. Horoscope also has tips for mood, love, wellness and career, so you can keep on track on a daily basis. The app even gives you particular dates to keep in mind for good and bad times.

Jonathan Cainer


(iOS, Android; free)

Sometimes, only reading one daily horoscope is just not satisfying enough. If you want to get an expert take from a top astrologer, check out this app. Cainer gives you motivational thoughts for the day and also lets you "find out about your friend." He gives daily, weekly and monthly forecasts so you can plan ahead for future happiness.

Palm Reading Scan

(iOS; free)

If you're bored with just reading horoscopes, check this out. Find out what your palm reveals about you and your life by scanning it with your iPhone camera using this app. Palm Reading Scan reads the shape of your hand, thumb and lifeline for free. However, you'll have to get the 99-cent upgrade to finish the reading. It's definitely worth it if only to mystify your friends.

Tarot Card Reading

(iOS, Android; free)

And what do the cards foretell? Find out when you fall in love with this entertaining app. It reads your virtual Tarot cards and answers all of the questions you cannot wait to ask. Do you have a friend going through a rough time? Are you curious about future relationships? Well, this fortunetelling app is a fun way to find out what's in store.

Dog Horoscope Booth

(iOS; free)

Why not check out readings for your furry friends, too? With Dog Horoscope Booth, simply scan your pet's face to find out what the future has in store. This family-friendly app comes packed with over 100 horoscopes, sharing results through email, Facebook and Twitter. How you share your Boston terrier's daily outlook is up to you!

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