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Tech Review: Purrfect apps for cat lovers

Apps that help users stay connected.

Apps that help users stay connected. Credit: AFP / Getty Images

If you're a fan of man's best friend, this might be a good time to take Rover for a walk. These apps, which range from silly to serious, are mainly for cat owners and cat lovers.

Cat Sounds

(Android, free)

This aptly named app is perfect if your cat has stopped talking to you or if you just want to annoy your dog. The app features a range of meows, purrs and hisses from a collection of young and old cats. They are arranged by categories, including angry, hungry, pleading, happy and eating. iOS users can check out the similar Cat and Kitten Sounds (free).

Human-to-Cat Translator

(iOS, Android; free)

This intriguing app says it can translate human words into cat language. Speak a word or phrase into your phone or tablet's microphone, and the app plays back a collection of meows that has supposedly translated your English into, well, Catlish. When we tried a translation for "come here," our cat tester showed a little curiosity but not enough to actually get off the couch. Of course, even if the app accurately does translate human speech into cat language, there's a good chance your cat will ignore you, anyway.

Carbs Calculator for Cat Food

(Android; free)

Like their human friends, cats are living longer, and they, too, are subject to diseases of old age and sedentary lifestyles. Diabetes has become a major problem for older cats, and this simple but useful app can help cat owners buy the right food. Type in the various percentages of ingredients in a can of wet cat food, and the app calculates whether it is suitable for diabetic cats.

Talking Tom Cat 2

(iOS, Android; free)

Developers have recently updated this wildly popular app, which has been downloaded more than 500 million times. In the new version, Tom has been relocated from a dingy alley to a nice apartment, befitting his superstar status. But the app retains its original charm. Speak some words or phrases, and Tom repeats them along with some random antics. Scratch his belly, and he responds with a happy purr. Dog lovers can check out the similar Talking Ben (iOS, Android; free) from the same developer.


Tech bytes



Samsung launches kid-friendly tablet



Samsung has created a new version of one of its tablets and is marketing it at children. The Galaxy Tab 3 Kids comes preloaded with kid-friendly games and educational programs. The 7-inch tablet has parental controls to limit how kids use the device. Parents can switch to "standard" mode and use the device as a traditional Android tablet. The tablet goes on sale Nov. 10 with a list price of $230. -- Peter King




Twitter, IBM in patent dispute



Twitter said it received a letter from IBM alleging that the microblogging site infringes on at least three patents held by the giant business computing company. Twitter said it believes it has "meritorious defenses" to the charges, but added it may have "to pay significant damages in the event of an adverse ruling." Twitter made the disclosure as part of a regulatory filing for its IPO.-- Peter King



Groupon revamps website



Groupon unveiled a redesigned website and new mobile applications, seeking to attract more customers and turn around the online-deals provider. The website now offers a personalized home page with curated collections of deals based on each customer's interests and prior purchases. Its updated mobile software detects when a consumer's location changes to provide local deals.


-- Bloomberg News

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