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The Sexy Brutale review: Murder mysteries with a ‘Groundhog Day’ loop

Every room in the video game The Sexy

Every room in the video game The Sexy Brutale looks like a Gothic-tinged diorama. Credit: Tequila Works

PLOT Imagine living the same murderous day over and over again.

RATED T for Teen

DETAILS PlayStation 4, Xbox One; $19.99

BOTTOM LINE A clever mystery with a “Groundhog Day” twist.

Murder mystery meets “Groundhog Day” in The Sexy Brutale, a delightful, cartoon-violence-laden game in which you relive the same day at a casino mansion where the guests are bumped off by the staff.

The story is told in an entertaining series of vignettes and lasts around seven hours as you experience the day’s events over and over again. Each location in the casino leaves you with a unique set of clues to uncover. Solving each murder will come down to the same thing: You investigate the area in which the murder took place and then sneak around learning what everyone was doing that day.

While exploring, you’ll need to come up with a plan using the environment around you to catch the murderer in action. This is where the time rewind mechanic comes into play. As protagonist Boone you must hide, watch and learn the riveting stories of the other masked guests in order to save them from the maniacal staff.

Each murder is different, so there’s plenty of variety when trying to prevent each one. For example, one guest is shot by a rifle, leading you to spot the staff member loading the gun. All you have to do is remove the live ammunition and replace it with a blank to reverse fortune.

In doing so, the staff member comes back for a second go when you rewind time and believes the gun is loaded. No matter how hard he tries, he cannot commit the murder, as you’ve successfully thwarted his scheme. By comparison, other assassinations are a bit more complex in The Sexy Brutale.

Every room looks like a diorama infused with a Gothic atmosphere — and there’s a jazzy musical track. The writing and the devilishly detailed stories surrounding the deaths of each character will keep you engaged. This game may be a nightmare loop for the guests, but it’s a dream come true for puzzle lovers.

— (TNS)


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