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Three free apps to check out this weekend

Glass Tower 2

Glass Tower 2

Mindless fun — that’s what most of us are looking for when we hit up iTunes for a free game app.

And simplicity rules, judging from the current list of the most popular free game downloads.

Ranking No. 1 at the moment: Glass Tower 2, a Tetris-like game that involves stacking odd-shaped blocks.

At No. 2: Frog Toss, which mirrors the carnival game in which you launch frogs to hit lily pad targets . . . which sounds an awful lot like the hot Angry Birds series of apps, which has a version — called Seasons Free — in the top 10.

Among the more brain-bending on the list, at No. 3: Slice It! Begins, which involves figuring out how to cut a geometric shape into a specific number of pieces.

-- The Associated Press

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