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Timer+ app keeps you in control in the kitchen and much more

The Timer+ app for iOS devices lets you

The Timer+ app for iOS devices lets you time several tasks while cooking. Credit: Minima Software

NAME Timer+

WHAT IT DOES Lets you set multiple timers at once so you can manage the cooking times of all your Thanksgiving dishes.


COMPATIBLE WITH iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, requires iOS 8.0 or later; also compatible with Apple Watch

WHAT’S GOOD Juggling cooking times for all the Thanksgiving dinner elements from the turkey to the trimmings is no easy feat. The Timer+ app lets you easily set simultaneous timers for roasting the bird, boiling the potatoes, steaming the green beans or baking Grandma’s classic pumpkin pie. Select the start and finish times and then choose different alarm sounds for each item so that you don’t accidentally remove the green bean casserole instead of the candied yams. You can also choose custom names and colors for each timer. Even if your phone isn’t on, the timers will still go off.

And it’s not just for cooking. You can also use Timer+ to time sessions for everything from workouts to piano lessons, and it can serve as an alarm clock or a stopwatch.

WHAT’S NOT Reviews by Apple Watch users suggest that the app’s functionality for that device is still lacking.

BOTTOM LINE It’s time for this app.

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