Safari is the native web browser of iOS mobile devices. It works as other browsers do. Here are some tips you might not know about.

1. Safari builds up cache as you use it, taking up valuable memory. To see what is cached, the space it is taking and/or delete it, go to Settings, tap Safari, scroll down and select Advanced. Tap Website Data to see your cache. To selectively remove cache, tap edit, then hit the minus sign next to cache to be excised and tap Delete. To purge all cache, scroll to the bottom and tap Remove All website Data, then tap Remove Now.

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2. To change Safari’s default search engine (Google), go to Settings, tap Safari, then tap Search Engine. The other choices are Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo. Tap your preference.

3. To bookmark or save a website as a favorite: go to the website, then tap the share button at the bottom of the screen (the square with the arrow pointing up). From the pop-up menu, tap Add Bookmark or Add to Favorites, depending on which you want.