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Tips to take better photos on iPhone

Tap on the main focal point to adjust

Tap on the main focal point to adjust focus and lens exposure while taking a picture on an iPhone. Credit: Apple

Want to take better pictures with your iPhone? It’s a snap if you follow these tips.

1. EXPOSURE AND FOCUS Tap the main focal point (for example, a face, a flower) on the camera screen and a yellow box appears as the lens readjusts to put the area in focus. It also will automatically change the camera’s exposure, making the image lighter or darker. To manually adjust the exposure, slide your finger up or down the sun icon. For a series of photos, you can lock the exposure and focus, as the camera automatically resets them after you take a picture. To lock them, hold your finger on the screen for a couple of seconds. You will see AE/AF Lock.

2. DEPTH OF FIELD With the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple introduced the dual-lens camera to create a greater sense of depth of field in portraits. Combined with Portrait mode introduced with iOS 10.1, you can finally get a desirable blurred background with people, pet or other portraiture. Earlier iPhone owners can use apps to simulate the effect, including Camera+, Snapseed, Leonardo, Big Lens and Tadaa SLR.

3. FLASH AND HDR Two other settings that can be used manually are the flash (tap the lightning bolt) and high dynamic range (tap HDR), which combines several images of the same scene taken at different exposures into a single well-exposed photo. This is especially effective on landscapes when one area is bright and another is shaded.

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