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Top picks for waterproof phones

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is tops at surviving

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is tops at surviving a dunking. Credit: CBS Interactive

It used to be that taking a dunk in the pool was the splash of death for your phone. Not anymore. Samsung’s Galaxy line has been increasingly water-resistant for its past few generations, and the rest of the phone market is hustling to get in line. With that in mind, here are four of CNET’s top-rated waterproof phones.

The following CNET staff contributed to this story: section editor Jessica Dolcourt; senior editors Andrew Hoyle, Scott Stein and Laura K. Cucullu; and senior associate editor Lynn La. For more reviews of personal technology products, visit

Samsung Galaxy S8

CNET rating (out of 5)

4.5 stars (outstanding)

THE GOOD The best-looking phone around crushes it in performance, battery life, water resistance and wireless charging. An external storage slot lets you keep more photos, videos and music.

THE BAD Its awkwardly placed fingerprint reader leads to camera smears and longer unlock times.

THE COST $728.83 to $750

BOTTOM LINE The Galaxy S8’s fast speeds and fantastic curved screen make it a top phone for 2017.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus

CNET rating (out of 5)

4.5 stars (outstanding)

THE GOOD Dual rear cameras delivers true 2x optical zoom. The battery lasts longer than last year’s model, and longer than iPhone 7. It’s also fast and has large storage options.

THE BAD There’s no standard headphone jack: you’ll have to use Lightning, or the included adapter, or go wireless, and it’s expensive.

THE COST $839.95 to $869.99

BOTTOM LINE It’s one of the best point-and-shoot cameras ever — and a great phone, too.


CNET rating (out of 5)

4 stars (excellent)

THE GOOD The beautifully designed LG G6 is water-resistant with a tall, expansive display. It also features an extra wide-angle camera, which is great for vacation photos.

THE BAD The phone is LG’s first flagship in years without a removable battery. It has last year’s Snapdragon 821 chipset.

THE COST $469.99 to $719.99

BOTTOM LINE This is a gorgeous phone.

Motorola Moto G4

CNET rating (out of 5)

4 stars (excellent)

THE GOOD The Moto G4’s big, bold screen and junk-free software make it a pleasure to use throughout the day. Its ability to survive a dunking will appeal to the clumsy among us.

THE BAD Processor performance is great for everyday tasks, but gamers will want to shop elsewhere.

THE COST $169.99 to $222.49

BOTTOM LINE With its big, bold screen, water-resistant design and rock-bottom price, the Moto G4 is a dazzling deal.

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