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Toy Soldiers in your XBox

Toy Soldiers screenshot from XBox Live Arcade

Toy Soldiers screenshot from XBox Live Arcade Credit: Microsoft

Platform: XBOX Arcade
Genre: Real Time Strategy, First Person Shooter

In the 1920’s children of all ages loved these simple little plastic figurines. Imaginations ran wild as battles raged on bedroom floors and backyard play areas. Today some of us are less amazed by little pieces of plastic and hunger for a more action filled activity to stimulate our gaming appetites. Enter Toy Soldiers, a mixed real time strategy and first person shooter title from Signal Studios and Microsoft Game Studios.

If you’re into real times strategy games like Command and Conquer and Halo Wars, put this game on your list of must plays. You are the general of your own toy box of which you need to thwart off enemy soldiers trying to hitch a ride in your box. You are given a subset of stationary defense platforms including machine gunners, mortars, howitzer cannons, anti air guns and flamethrowers. In addition to these stationary units you’ll have different mobile units such as bi-planes, zeppelins and different types of tanks.

Strategy is key in defending the different terrains. As you progress through the game you will have more points and even multiple toy boxes to defend. Each level promises more upgrades available for each defense unit. Switch from offensive mobile units of which you will need to control to use and defense. By selecting a stationary unit and entering first person shooter mode you can use the unit a mull over enemies troops, tanks, planes and anything the German toys can dish out. Some stages offer intense boss fights that are sure to challenge your RTS skills.

Best of all is the overall style of the game. Set as a vintage WWI, the loading screens and menus are set as if they are being projected on old film. If your screen starts to deteriorate as if the projector was burning it, you’ll know your loosing the battle.

Bottom line this game is an excellent Xbox live title. With multiplayer modes and 1-2 players this game is a definite for any solid RTS fan.

Available on Xbox Live arcade for 1200 Microsoft Points

Toy Soldiers Game Play


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