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Trailer Addict has ‘coming attractions’ for films old and new

Trailer Addict offers film fanatics a database of

Trailer Addict offers film fanatics a database of trailers, clips, featurettes and more. Credit:


DESCRIPTION See trailers for hundreds of movies from “Citizen Kane” to “Wonder Woman.”


BOTTOM LINE Pass the popcorn and start watching.

Sometimes, the best part about going to the movies is seeing the previews of coming attractions. And often, those trailers are better than the resulting feature film.

The website Trailer Addict is a virtual trailer park where movie mavens can see hundreds of those preview clips for films harking back to Hollywood’s golden age (most of the Universal horror gems, the 1950 Oscar winner “All About Eve”), current blockbusters (“Wonder Woman,” natch) and upcoming releases (the superhero flick “Justice League”).

If you’re looking for a specific trailer, the best way to search is by title. Films are also listed by category, though clicking on Film Noir surprisingly yielded no movies even though “The Maltese Falcon” trailer is on the site. The Coming Soon category has a wealth of trailers for films just arriving in theaters or slated to come out later this year, including the World War II drama “Dunkirk,” starring Tom Hardy and One Direction’s Harry Styles.

The News category features articles and buzz on the latest flicks, and you can also connect to other movie buffs by following the links to Trailer Addict’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Obviously, the emphasis is on the hottest new features, but it would be nice to see more trailers for vintage vehicles. The preview for HBO’s 2011 miniseries “Mildred Pierce” is here, so why not include the 1945 version starring Oscar winner Joan Crawford?

Still, if you can’t wait to see the latest movies, Trailer Addict has the goods to whet your appetite.

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