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U.S. history website is handy guide to American heritage

The United States History website has bios of

The United States History website has bios of all presidents through Barack Obama. Credit:

For most Americans, the Fourth of July is about fireworks and firing up the grill. But it wouldn’t hurt to take some time and reflect on our country’s rich heritage.

The United States History website offers enlightening and entertaining lessons about America, from Columbus’ voyages to current events. The site covers 14 historical eras, including Early America, the Colonial Period, Revolutionary America, the New Deal and World War II, among many others.

Each area features informative, well-written articles covering key moments during those epochs, from the well-known (Louisiana Purchase, the Battle of Gettysburg) to the obscure (such as Bacon’s Rebellion — an armed revolt in 1676 by Virginia settlers against the oppressive rule of Gov. William Berkeley).

Tables of U.S. History Information lists not only all of the presidents through Barack Obama, complete with bios, but also all Cabinet members by administration, chief justices of the Supreme Court, associate justices and more. Foreign affairs covers presidential visits to other nations, and there are sections on Wars and Conflicts; speeches, including the full text of the Gettysburg Address; the U.S. economy; social reformers, including lists of significant African-American and American Indian leaders, and much more.

Once you’ve absorbed all of that info, take one of the history quizzes, which are tailored to various education levels and eras. Based on my score on the Revolutionary America quiz, it might not be a bad idea to reread the Declaration of Independence.

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DESCRIPTION A repository of historical information about our nation.

TARGET AUDIENCE History buffs and lovers of Americana.

BOTTOM LINE Ah, the sweet history of life.

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