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Ubisoft's lineup the one to watch

Photo credit: Ubisoft

Photo credit: Ubisoft Credit: Ubisoft

Game developer Ubisoft unveiled gameplay footage from its new IP 'Watch Dogs' as well as stunning graphics and compelling story-driven titles, leaving those in attendance dragging their gapping jaws toward the exit signs.

'Just Dance 4' paraded itself onstage to start the presentation along with choreographed dancers and musical artist Flo Rida, whom I swear I thought was LL Cool J for a hot second. Once the song and dance concluded, Ubisoft busted out the guns more ways than one with its introduction of 'Far Cry 3'. The game's open world looks lush and exotic posing as a battle ground for endless hours of explosive action.

I'm not a fan of the 'Assassins Creed' franchise; however, the latest installment of the game 'Assassins Creed 3' made me a believer. Taking place during the events encompassing the Revolutionary War, gamers get to use stealth and finesse to hack down Red Coats and anything else that gets in their way towards slaying the Templars. During the Sony presentation, Ubisoft revealed that navigating warships from the 1700s would be a feature within the game. The sea battles looked breathtaking with cannonballs sinking enemy vessels and ship to ship combat teased.

Also showcased was two Wii U exclusive titles. 'Rayman Legends' looks like it can rival 'New Super Mario Bros' in fun factor; however, 'ZombiU' delivered an infectious demand for the upcoming console, even though gameplay footage wouldn't be shown until Nintendo's Tuesday event. It's a survival, horror game set in the United Kingdom…poor Brits can't get a break from Ubisoft this year. Between a zombie apocalypse and 'Assassins Creed 3', players will get an education both past and present with those who salute the Union Jack.

'Splinter Cell's' trailer looked to have teased co-op gaming and should please long time fans of the franchise; however, nothing compared to the grand slam Ubisoft hit with 'Watch Dogs'. Imagine if you could hack into a city's power grid and digital devices to create diversions and utter chaos. "Everything is connected" was the theme of the game, but what it should have read was "Everyone is drooling". Between the graphics, voice acting and potential to be a destructive anti-hero in a digitized city landscape, I found even myself standing from my desk clapping with excitement for what is to come from Ubisoft's lineup. 

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