Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Video conferencing for Mac users

Apple has released FaceTime for Mac in the Mac App Store. The videoconferencing app is popular among iPhone users; it allows free iPhone-to-iPhone video calls over a Wi-Fi network. Using the desktop app, Mac users place video calls to users with another Mac, an iPhone 4 or iPod Touch. There is speculation the iPad 2, expected to be introduced March 2, will have FaceTime capabilities. The new MacBook Pro units have FaceTime HD webcams capable of 720p video calls. The FaceTime app for iOS devices (iPod Touch, iPhone) is free; the Mac version is 99 cents.

Hot (FREE) apps

Mindless fun - that's what most of us are looking for when we hit up iTunes for a free game app. And simplicity rules, judging from the current list of the most popular free game downloads. Ranking No. 1 at the moment: Glass Tower 2, a Tetris-like game that involves stacking odd-shaped blocks. At No. 2: Frog Toss, which mirrors the carnival game in which you launch frogs to hit lily pad targets . . . which sounds an awful lot like the hot Angry Birds series of apps, which has a version - called Seasons Free - in the top 10. Among the more brain-bending on the list, at No. 3: Slice It! Begins, which involves figuring out how to cut a geometric shapes into a specific number of pieces.

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