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Viofo's dashcam has you covered from all angles

Viofo A139 3CH 3 Channel Dash Cam has

Viofo A139 3CH 3 Channel Dash Cam has a three cameras, so everything is recorded without having to sacrifice a view. Credit: Viofo/TNS

WHAT Viofo A139 triple channel dashcam

WHAT IT DOES If you are ever in an accident, there's no better evidence than video. Yes, the Viofo A139 does a lot but the most important aspect is how easy it is to set up and instantly use. Once you see the high-quality image it produces and records (MP4 and JPG), it’s easy to see why this is almost a must-have.T

HE COST $269.99


WHAT'S HOT The triple cameras include a front-facing, interior infrared and one for the rear window, so everything is recorded without having to sacrifice a view. Along with the cameras, quick-release mounting equipment, easy installation cables, car charger adapter and instructions are all included. It does take a little time for installation, but it’s nothing to shy away from doing on your own.

Each camera has a Sony sensor, which records in full HD. The recording resolutions at 30 frames per second for the front is 2560-by-1440P; the interior and rear record at 1920-by-1080P. All three cameras can record simultaneously. Content is stored on a microSD memory card, class 10 up to 256 giugabytes.The interior camera has a 6-element infrared LED lamp system, which translates to complete coverage of the interior for day or night.

Other features include parking mode, time-lapse, GPS with route data and vehicle speed, dual-band Wi-Fi built-in with 2.4GHz and 5GHzWiFi for transferring content, and audio recording. An external microphone can be added to capture audio in specific locations.

WHAT'S NOT It's a tad pricier than other dash cams.

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