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Good Evening

Want better selfies? Here are 3 tips to improve your photos

Get a quick selection of 10 selfie shots

Get a quick selection of 10 selfie shots a second by using burst mode -- hold down the shutter on iPhones. Credit:

Sooner or later, most of us give in and take a selfie. But some people seem to get better results than others. If your selfies do not meet your expectations, here are some tips to improve your technique.

1. Try different angles and lighting. Look in a mirror and move your head up and down, left and right, to find your best angle. Some people prefer shooting from above and looking up to avoid a double chin. Flash can be harsh; indoors, indirect natural light from a window can be very flattering. Outdoors, keep the sun behind you, so you don’t scrunch up your face squinting.

2. Keep the phone steady while snapping by holding it with two hands. Consider using a selfie stick, remote Bluetooth shutter release button, the phone’s self-timer or a compatible headphone with volume controls (on iPhones, the volume control can be used as a remote shutter release).

3. Get a quick selection of 10 shots a second by using burst mode (hold down the shutter on iPhones). The camera will show you the shot it thinks is best, but you can pick the ones you like and delete the rest. If all else fails, use the camera’s cropping and editing tools to improve your photo.

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