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Warp Pipe: Amazon cloud music streaming

Amazon just launched a new music-streaming service based on cloud computing technology, dubbed the Amazon Cloud Player. Using cloud computing instead of keeping your data (music, movies, pictures, documents) with you physically on your computer's hard drive or mobile device, you can pay a company (such as Amazon or Apple) to host it on their servers. To access the data, your gadget will need an Internet connection.

Apple's new crop

Apple is set to host its annual Worldwide Developers Conference on June 6. The company says we'll be seeing "the future of iOS and Mac OS" this year. The blogosphere is already abuzz with rumors that the iPhone5 will be unveiled since its predecessor was made public last year on the same stage. The speculation has driven ticket prices to the five-day San Francisco event to $1,599 a pop. Regardless of the iPhone5 status, one thing is fairly certain: Apple's newest Mac OS, Lion, will be showcased.

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