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Warp Pipe: Securing your passwords

How secure is your password?

You probably have at least two or three emails and multiple accounts relating to banking, shopping and social networking. This can lead to myriad usernames and passwords that can be a mess to manage.

Despite the potential madness, online security experts say it's best to have different logins and passwords for every account. These passwords should be something completely random to help thwart would-be hackers, say something like "hzE98! iC1m."

So how do you know if a password is truly secure? lets you simply test the strength of a password. Enter a password into the textbox, and the site will calculate the maximum time it would take a hacker to crack your password using the "brute-force method," a strategy to break passwords by running through all the possible permutations of keys until the correct key is found.

But be aware that the site is meant for testing only. Use it to help you get ideas on how adding a few characters or symbols to your existing password can increase its security. Note: For your own security reasons, avoid using a real password here. Instead use fake examples as a guide.

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