Snoop Dogg -- or Snoop Lion, as he's been calling himself -- in Way of the Dogg is a spiritual leader and fighting tutor, the guide throughout a series of mini-battles built on old-fashioned Street Fighter mechanics. There's a light narrative and a cast of corrupt characters, but they're largely excuses to practice new moves -- all of them requiring skillful coordination with a controller.

Players assume the role of America Jones, a fighter for hire who starts the game with zero allegiances but soon links with Snoop to learn "The Way," described as a "near-mythical code of fighters train in Snoop's shadow, high up in the Hollywood hills."

Jones seeks Snoop's help after the murder of his girlfriend. The whodunit is the mystery pushing the game forward through a series of dead-ends and wrong directions.

During each battle, gamers are presented with an arsenal of buttons to press in time with the rhythm of one of Snoop's hits, such as "Gz and Hustlas." Don't expect to watch the fights, as button-mashing orders take precedence and combinations dominate the screen. Winning bouts is done by mastering the orders presented. An example: Press A, then hold A, then B, then B again, then B again, now X, now A and B one more time.

RATING T for Teen

PLOT Street-fighting man, Snoop style

DETAILS Xbox Live Arcade, $10

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BOTTOM LINE A case of carpal tunnel