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Web Sighting: Raise a glass to winefolly

A screengrab shows the website, which is

A screengrab shows the website, which is a treasure trove of enology information. Credit: Handout

Whether you are a casual imbiber or an oenophile, you can probably learn something at Wine Folly.

Madeline Puckette, who describes herself as a sommelier, designer, editor and wine squirrel ("Basically, I'm a professional wine drinker"), is responsible for developing the site's content and "finding out the geekiest wine facts in the world."

Novices can click the "Wine Basics" tab at the top of the site to learn about drinking, buying and handling wine. There is information on everything from how to read a wine label, open a bottle of wine and keep it fresh to how to taste, decant and spit wine.

You'll find blog postings both expected (Visiting Portugal Wine Country) and unexpected

(5 Upcycled Products From Wine Waste). The latter explores how grape waste -- seeds, stems and grape skins -- is recycled into grapeseed oil and grappa, while other winery waste can be turned into biodegradable containers. Of the "Funny Wine Quotes," our favorite was by W.C. Fields: "I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food."

Videos, such as "Painting With Wine" -- consider consulting the wine color chart after watching this video -- and "How to Swirl Wine" are instructional, but done with a definite sense of humor.


DESCRIPTION Everything you want to know about enology

TARGET AUDIENCE Wine drinkers, but abstainers can have fun here, too

BOTTOM LINE Raise a glass to this site about wine and winemaking

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