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Web Sightings: Delightful science on tap at Scitable

A screenshot of the home page of Scitable,

A screenshot of the home page of Scitable, a science website. Credit: Scitable

If science excites you, Scitable will delight you. A product of Nature Publishing Group, the website is not only a library of scientific information, with major focuses on genetics, cell biology and ecology, it is also a community where scientists, researchers, teachers and students can connect and interact.

Researching a topic with Scitable's search box will yield results that may include articles, definitions, concept pages, images, multimedia, e-books and blog posts.

Casual science surfers may want to click on a "spotlight" subject, which feature explorations of key topics and current issues. For instance, selecting "Acoustic Pollution and Marine Mammals" resulted in an article about the correlation between naval sonar testing and acute decompression sickness in beaked whales, as well as a host of links to other websites with related information, from whale vocalization to reading lists to calls for policy change.

You can browse more than 500 classroom and discussion groups to find subjects or people with interests similar to yours, or create your own group. Or choose from various blogs, which are separated by those written by young voices, budding researchers and scientists.

Finally, there is the Career Planning area, where high school, undergraduate and graduate students can find guidance and resources to help them choose a science career.


DESCRIPTION Learn as well as exchange ideas and insights about science.

TARGET AUDIENCE Anyone interested in science

BOTTOM LINE Science curiosity may lead to career ideas.

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