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Web Sightings:

Screengrab from website: (Globe trooper)

Screengrab from website: (Globe trooper) Credit: None/

This week's Web Sightings comes to us from the LA Times.


DESCRIPTION: Connects like-minded travelers

TARGET AUDIENCE: Lonely globe-trotters looking for like minds

BOTTOM LINE: Not for weekend getaways

Tired of traveling by yourself? puts you in touch with like-minded travelers seeking global adventures and could help you avoid paying that dreaded single supplement.

The site focuses on experiential adventure travel and provides a space where travelers can chat about their trip plans before booking. We admire the focus on regions rather than just a single country. Even if you don't decide to join a trip, we liked browsing the "Global Guide" for dream trips, such as an overland trip from London to Cape Town, South Africa, or cycling through Vietnam and Laos.

It was easy to get excited about a trip but not so easy to figure out how to book it. If you're looking for just a weekend getaway, this might not be the site for you. Also, we couldn't figure out how to create a trip to share with just a handful of our friends and not the rest of the site.

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