This week's Web Sighting comes to us from the LA Times.


DESCRIPTION You can track Google Maps with a mania

TARGET AUDIENCE Those with a purpose or seeking a distraction

BOTTOM LINE Much to see and do

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Calling all Google Maps mash-up geeks. Even if that doesn’t sound like you, have a look at Googlemaps, a great distraction site that’s loaded with more reasons to love a map than you thought possible.

Google Maps Mania is a fun blog to read, even if you’re not going anywhere. It is home to all the Google Maps mash-ups, tools, tips and apps created by techies all over the world — as diverse as “real-time trains in Dublin ,” and a three-dimensional view of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, on Google Earth.

You can search the comprehensive site by country, use the site’s own mash-ups directory or our favorite, “100 Things You Can Do,” which led us to a grand list of helpful maps where we could look up real-time U.S. airport status, see the world at night, track world terrorism or find a public toilet.

There’s a lot going on within the pages of this site. You can easily get lost in time. For some, that kind of escape is just what the doctor ordered. For others, watch out.

— Los Angeles Times