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Web Sightings: answers Hanukkah questions and more

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If you're wondering what Hanukkah is all about, have we got a website for you. offers a holiday basket of information about the Festival of Lights, which begins at sundown tomorrow. Children can choose holiday cartoons, from 96 seconds to 17 minutes long, while their parents can opt for more intellectual videos.

Did you know that menorah candles are placed right to left but lit left to right? Want to see a short video of elegant menorahs from around the world? Families can enjoy these enlightening recordings and many others, such as a children's choir singing "Chanukah, Oh Chanukah!" Frequently asked questions even address how the holiday is spelled.

Sweet bonuses are 18 different free e-cards, recipes, dreidel game rules and text stories, such as "The Miracle of Bubbie's Menorah," written by everyday people.

But it's not just about Hanukkah., which automatically redirects to, is a well-conceived, easy-to-navigate site that offers thousands of videos, from two-minute "Gems," to "Wisdom in Under 10 Minutes," to longer "Inspirational Talks," many nonsectarian, by rabbis, and much more. This uplifting Lubavitch site can be downloaded for your mobile device, too.


DESCRIPTION Informative, inspiring and entertaining bonanza about everything Jewish

TARGET AUDIENCE Those wanting to explore the Jews' 3,300-year-old traditions

BOTTOM LINE You don't have to be Jewish to love

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