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Good Afternoon

Web Sightings:

Screengrab from website : ( joobili )

Screengrab from website : ( joobili ) Credit: None/

This week's Web Sightings comes to us from the LA Times.


DESCRIPTION: A site to help travelers discover events on their trips

TARGET AUDIENCE: Travelers into unique experiences

BOTTOM LINE: Visit the Europe you want to see will surprise you with European travel inspirations you might have otherwise missed.

Everyone keeps telling you now is a great time to travel in Europe because of the weak euro. But where to go? Joobili suggests destinations based on your interests and particular events that coincide with your travel dates.

Whether you've been to Europe once or five times, Joobili finds experiences you might not have heard about. If you get lost among the options, just select the themes you want to stick to: music, celebrations, arts, nature, or dare to be adventurous with the "unusual" option.

There is a community aspect to Joobili, but we didn't feel as if it was well connected with the event listings. Once we honed Joobili's list of suggestions and looked at a specific event, we wanted to see reviews from people who'd already been there, or have a way to network with Joobili users who were planning to go. If this type of socializing is possible, it wasn't obvious in several of my searches.

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