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Screengrab from website : ( room atlas

Screengrab from website : ( room atlas ) Photo Credit: screengrab/screengrab

This week's Web Sighting comes to us from the Los Angeles Times.

Description. Find a room quickly
Target.  Those who need a hotel
Bottom line. Let the bubbles lead the way lets you spot-check prices on a Google map and has TripAdvisor reviews waiting for your perusal in the sidebar.

It’s nice to look at a map and see a graphic depiction of hotel pricing. The simplicity of Room Atlas makes researching hotel rates quick and easy. As you browse hotel prices on the map, click on the price tag to get a summary bubble.

On it you’ll find the star rating, links to hotel details and reviews and a link called Shortlist, the feature we like best. Click on that for hotels you’re considering. You’ll find your list on the lower left side of your screen with various price tags for comparison-shopping. We found hotels in the United States, Europe, Australia and Asia.

It would be much quicker if you could scroll over the price tag and have the hotel’s info summary pop up. But no, it makes you click to see it — and click again to make it go away. It would be more efficient if the summary disappeared once you scrolled off the price and you could go on to check the next hotel’s info.

— Los Angeles Times

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