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Web sightings: is a resource for skyscraper and urban is a resource for skyscraper and urban enthusiasts. Credit: Handout

When New Age author Eileen Caddy wrote, "Set your sights high, the higher the better," she wasn't speaking of architecture, but this could well be the motto of

You can find an amazing array of facts and features about the world's tallest structures in the site's enormous database. There are also diagrams of buildings and a busy discussion forum. The FAQs informed us that a skyscraper, by 19th century definition, is a building of 12 or more stories.

Likely, most visitors gravitate to the link for the world's tallest buildings on the home page. We discovered, much to our surprise, that in the top 25, only four are in the United States, and our highest structure -- Chicago's Willis Tower -- ranks No. 8. The Empire State Building comes in at 19. No. 1, with 163 floors, is Dubai's Burj Khalifa, in the United Arab Emirates.

Make sure to explore the interactive city skyscraper maps, where we found that New York City has 6,011 buildings that qualify. Click on any one of them to find out its name, address, architect, year built, number of floors and what it is used for.


DESCRIPTION A resource for skyscraper and urban enthusiasts.

TARGET AUDIENCE Anyone who looks up at tall buildings in awe

BOTTOM LINE Take a peek at the world's peak buildings

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