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Web Sightings: Trade in old electronics is a site that allows users to is a site that allows users to trade in old electronics for money. Photo Credit: Handout

You've just bought a new iPhone 5, so what do you do with your used 4-year-old BlackBerry? You could, of course, take it to your local recycling center, but if it's still in decent condition, you can make some money on it, without having to resort to posting ads or an eBay sale.

NextWorth is a hassle-free way to exchange old electronics for cash. Its trade-in categories include iPhones, iPods, iPads, cellphones, video games and game consoles, movies, cameras, laptops, e-readers, GPS and calculators. It will also consider, by email request, items not in those categories.

Get a quote for your gadget by answering some questions about its condition. If you are satisfied with NextWorth's offer -- it is good for 21 days -- it will provide a prepaid UPS shipping label. Select what form of payment you wish to receive -- funds transferred directly to your PayPal account, or a Target gift card or check mailed to you -- pack up your article and send it.

Once your items arrive, NextWorth will evaluate them to ensure their condition matches what was quoted. You'll get an email saying everything checks out and that payment is being made, or that the inspection value is lower than the quoted value and why, along with a new value. Payment is typically issued within a week of the item's inspection.


DESCRIPTION A place to trade in your old electronics for money

TARGET AUDIENCE Item owners 18 or older

BOTTOM LINE Curb electronic waste and get paid for it.

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