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Screengrab from website :

Screengrab from website : Photo Credit: screengrab/screengrab

This week's Web Sighting comes to us from the LA Times.


DESCRIPTION The site adds more interactivity

TARGET AUDIENCE Those wanting to map out new deals

BOTTOM LINE You need to hunt for the new features answers its customers’ call for more do-it-yourself deal searching and adds a travel deals tool kit loaded with interactivity and customization.

We liked the interactive map a lot, but we had the most fun rolling up our sleeves and using the customizable tool kit. You can flip between flight deals and vacation packages and travel destination themes, such as romance, world and beach.

Even better, you can drag your favorite results into a box and compare them later or share them with your social network on Twitter or Facebook. The features look pretty and led us to several vacations that offered savings of 25 percent.

But the new features are not easy to find if you’re just cruising in through the home page. You need to know where to look for them. Go to the “Travel Deals” tab and scroll down until you see “Travelocity’s Deal Toolkit” on the left. From there, jump into “Deals on a Map.”

— Los Angeles Times

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