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Web Sightings: Yahoo! Kids keeps them busy

The age that children start accessing the Internet gets younger all the time, so where can you send them that you know is safe and they'll have a good time? Try Yahoo! Kids.

Whether they visit to learn or play, Yahoo! Kids will keep your youngsters busy. There are games (arcade, board and card to name just a few categories), movie and DVD trailers, jokes, sports, horoscope, Ask Earl (which has answers to more than 1,500 questions, such as "How do glow worms light up?" and "What is pig Latin?") and the study zone, where words and subjects can be explored in the site's dictionary, encyclopedia or world fact book. Kids can even send free birthday, thank you and holiday e-cards to family and friends.

Yahoo! Kids also provides child-safe links to other sites on the Internet. For example, click "baseball" under Sports on the Web, and you'll find a link for the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, putting Yahoo! Kids in a league of its own. One note: We did spot one low-key ad, and it was for a toy.


DESCRIPTION A daily stop for kids to play or get homework help.

TARGET AUDIENCE No age range is cited, but it is probably appropriate for kids 8 and older; parents should check the site out for themselves.

BOTTOM LINE Consider it Yahoo!'s contribution to online baby-sitting

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