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What's Facebook got scheduled for Oct. 6?


Facebook's "Event" invite. Credit: Facebook

Did you receive an invitation from Facebook for a special event at the company's headquarters tomorrow? Hopefully you didn't junk it thinking it was just another Farmville invite. Turns out Facebook could be making a big announcement. Or maybe they're just going to get together and talk about how lame "Social Network" was. Let the speculation begin. -- via Fox News

More news on Google TV

- Everywhere you look, Google is taking over! The Internet giant added launch partners for its television product - one that might not be as much of a bust as Apple TV. -- via DailyTech

Own a Droid? You could Skype. If you're lucky.

- Skype continued to roll out its service for Android users. However, reports suggest that the program is awfully buggy, and sometimes completely inoperable. -- via Wired

Why can't Apple buy my apartment?

- Apple just bought a one-acre plot of land from a North Carolina couple for an iTunes data center. Cost? $1.7 million. -- via ReadWriteWeb

They might need that $1.7M for other purposes, though ...

- For patent infringements - namely iTunes' Cover Flow and two Mac features - Apple might be doling out more than $600 million to Mirror Worlds. -- via The Wall Street Journal

What about my mayorship!

- Notice some issues with Foursquare yesterday? It was down for almost 12 hours. I'm sure you've noticed, in the past, issues with server overloads when trying to check in. Seems the problem might be bigger than expected. -- via Poynter

Kanye announces his album title on Twitter

- The newest Twitter superstar, Kanye West, announced the title of his next album is "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy." -- via The Celebrity Cafe

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