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What the iPhone needs to make it perfect

Even though Apple just had its most profitable

Even though Apple just had its most profitable quarter ever due largely to the sales of the iPhone, the smartphone market has become crowded, as Motorola, Google, and Samsung look to take their own piece of the mobile pie. Photo Credit: AP Photo/Lee Jin-man

Apple announced it's going to be releasing full details of its next-generation iPhone operating system this Thursday. Although the iPhone has sold millions of units, it is still far from perfect, its makers having ignored some basic functions fans have been clamoring about since its inception in 2007.

Here's what we think would make the perfect iPhone.

1. Multitasking: Probably the biggest omission of the iPhone OS that now is affecting the iPad as well. Users aren't able to run Pandora in the background while surfing the Web. They can’t do a basic Google search while checking out point of interests on a map. Still don't think multitasking is important? Take a look at how many programs and windows you keep open on the bottom of your screen.

2. Flash: Another nasty oversight that has infected both the iPhone and the iPad. The Internet without flash is like trying to watch "Avatar" on a black-and-white 6-inch hand-held TV. Can it be done, yeah. But why? Flash brings Web pages alive with color, sound, interactivity, video, and animation. The inability to play Hulu is a major sore for iPad and iPhone adopters.

3. Multitab browsing: The Internet is full of info. I want to be able to take as much in as possible with multiple tabs in the Web browser.

4. Improved e-mail: If you have multiple e-mail accounts from Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, etc. Apple should provide an option for all these accounts to easily fall into one application.

5. Mobile hot-spot connectivity: If I'm paying $30 to $40 a month for unlimited Internet data, I want to be able to wirelessly tether that connection on any device that is Wi-Fi enabled -- most notably, my laptop.

6. Give me the 4G: Sprint announced its network is ready to support the new 4G connectivity, with Verizon and AT&T readying their own infrastructure for the new standard. With 4G, the download and upload speeds are comparable to what most people experience from a hard-wired Internet connection at home. Here's a mini comparison between 4G and the current 3G speeds.

Mobile Speed Comparison
  4G 3G
Average Download Speed 3-6 mbps 600 kbps
Peak 10 and Up 2.0Mbps

Source: Cnet

7. Social networking syncing with contacts: I want the iPhone to automatically pull contact information from my Gmail, Facebook, etc., contact lists. If one of my friends changes contact info on their social-networking page or I update my Gmail contact list with e-mails or numbers, I want to automatically sync with my iPhone contact list.

8. Android-like search: Like the Android phones, I want the phone to do a smart search through the Internet, my phone settings, my contacts list, media, etc., anytime I need to search for anything. I don't want to specifically go into a browser to search on the Internet, or my contact list to search for a number, or the settings interface to change something.

9. Improved screen: The faceplate of the iPhone wastes potential screen space with its thick black bezels. Make these thinner and give the screen more prominence.

10. HD video / video codecs: The iPhone needs to play HD video, and needs to do it well. With a potentially bigger screen, the iPhone should be able to play any user's digital movies, including HD in 720p and videos encoded in divx, avi, MKV, mpeg. I don't want to spend the time downloading extra software and encoding my movies to Apple's proprietary video codec.

11. HDMI out: The iPhone should be an all-encompassing media player. I should be able to take my media library of photos, videos and music, and play them anywhere without buying unnecessary accessories from third-party vendors.

12. Memory upgradeability: My media library takes up space. The iPhone should have an expansion slot, like Micro SD support. I shouldn’t have to buy a new iPhone every time I want to store more media on my phone.

13. File system: My iPhone should be able to act like a typical USB flash drive. I want to be able to easily drag and drop my music, documents, photos, videos, etc., in and out of my iPhone from my computer.

14. What are your suggestions?

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