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Where to get free online tax help

The screengrab above lists popular online tax software.

The screengrab above lists popular online tax software. Credit: Handout

Five weeks remain before the April 15 tax deadline, so where does one turn? Online choices are more abundant than ever.

To find the least expensive Web software, Google "2013 free online tax reviews" and pick an independent site. Most reviews provide synopses and detailed reviews of up to 10 software programs. Simple federal forms are usually free to complete and file online, but state submissions often incur a fee.

One favorite is /online-tax-software, which rates and specifies the good and bad about each app. Click on "Compare" or "Free Tax Software" and see that TurboTax and H&R Block are still the online kings. These popular programs can charge more than others but find bigger refunds.

Importing last year's information is easier with TurboTax, which also shows audit triggers.

Another excellent comparison site,, graphically compares 10 sites based on three factors: accuracy, ease of use, and help and support. Choosing a site with free tax support can be crucial.

Or, if your adjusted gross income is no more than $57,000, just go to and click on "Free File" to pick a program.


DESCRIPTION Compares six of the best free online tax prep sites

TARGET AUDIENCE Tax-filers seeking the best online software for their needs

BOTTOM LINE File your taxes without leaving your PC keyboard.

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