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Wii Sports Resort hits the bull's-eye

"Wii Sports Resort" for the Nintendo Wii

With more than 45 million copies in circulation, Wii Sports has probably been played by more people than any game in history. A subsequent minigame collection, Wii Play, sold 23 million copies. So Nintendo has high expectations for Wii Sports Resort, and there's no reason to think the company will be disappointed.

If you're a fan, you won't be disappointed, either. Resort is bigger, boosting the number of events from five to 12. The three sports that have returned (golf and bowling from Wii Sports, table tennis from Wii Play) are sharper, thanks to the new Wii MotionPlus accessory. And the whole package is as lighthearted, fast-paced and as accessible as the original.

The package comes with one MotionPlus device, which attaches to one end of the Wii remote and gives it more precise control. (It's available separately for $24.99.) When bowling, you can flick your wrist to give the ball some spin. Table tennis feels more like the real thing. The updated version of golf is more demanding: You really need to focus on keeping your swing straight, or you'll be digging a lot of balls out of the rough.

The most engrossing of the new events is archery. The Wii remote is your bow, and you pull back your virtual arrow with the nunchuck. Nailing a moving bull's-eye from the longest distance is a genuine accomplishment.



RATING: E for Everyone

PLOT: Indoor sports that aren't just for parents

DETAILS: Wii, $50

BOTTOM LINE: Not all the games are keepers, but there truly is something for everybody



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