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Winnie app is great help to parents with kids

Winnie is an app that points parents to

Winnie is an app that points parents to family-friendly venues around the world, from restaurants with changing tables to playgrounds. Credit: Winnie Inc.

NAME Winnie ( plus iPhone app)

WHAT Destinations for kids, anywhere you go.


WHAT’S GOOD If you have children, you should take Winnie along, no matter where you roam. Neither a nanny nor a pet, Winnie is an app that has aggregated data on more than a million family-friendly venues throughout the United States and around the world. Whether you are running an errand or on vacation, Winnie can tell you where to find restaurants that have changing tables, kids’ menus and highchairs. Other information includes nearby parks, playgrounds and libraries; places to nurse a baby or change a diaper; hotels with cribs; gyms with child care, and stroller-friendly cafes. The app was founded in 2016 by Sara Mauskopf and Anne Halsall, who discovered when they became moms that few tools existed to help them care better for their kids. They created the platform so that parents could share this information with one another.

WHAT’S NOT With the iPhone app (Android is in the planning stages, according to the website), venue information and photos are accessed by tapping on a map icon. (There doesn’t seem to be a way to convert the map to a list view.) The website does offer a list view, which is much easier to scan quickly, especially for a town such as Huntington, where Winnie offers six pages of venues. Users can use Safari to access the website, but a list option in the app would be much more convenient.

BOTTOM LINE You won’t have to wonder if Winnie is with you.

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