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These wireless phone chargers are a pair of hot numbers

Belkin's Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad for Samsung

Belkin's Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad for Samsung for $59.99 has speed and power to spare. Photo Credit: Belkin

Look, Ma, no wires. These products are designed to keep that expensive new phone of yours charged up using wireless technology.

The Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad for Samsung ($59.99, is easy to use and about the size of a coaster. Just set your phone down on it and it charges. So what differentiates the Belkin charging pad from others? Speed, which is delivered through more power.

The Belkin charging pad has its own proprietary power cable and provides up to 15 watts of power, which is as much power as the fastest Qi-enabled phones can handle today.

If you have a Qi-compatible iPhone, it can handle only 7.5 watts, but don’t be afraid to use the Belkin charging pad, as it will provide only as much power as your phone can handle. The charging even works well through an iPhone case.

You can also charge your phone at your desk during the workday with the RAVPower HyperAir Wireless Charging Stand. The stand ($49.99, has multiple charging coils so you can orient your phone vertically or horizontally.

The charger uses a microUSB cable for power, and to ensure you are getting enough juice through that cable, RAVPower includes a 24-watt USB wall charger with Quick Charge 3.0.

The charging stand has intelligence inside to identify the type of phone it is charging so it can provide enough power. The charger can provide up to 7.5 watts for iPhones and up to 10 watts for compatible Samsung Galaxy phones.

If you use a case, RAVPower says, the charger will provide power from a distance of up to 8 mm.

— The Dallas Morning News (TNS)

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