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Xbox Live subscription update rip-off?

XBox Live Membership Auto renewal cost gamers too

XBox Live Membership Auto renewal cost gamers too much cash Credit: Matthew Cassella

We all like things to be easier when it comes to getting online to play our favorite games on Xbox Live. But when renewing your subscription costs almost double the old price, convenience starts hurting the wallet.

Did you know an Xbox Live Gold subscription auto renewal will set you back $99 for the family subscription? I found this out when I canceled my credit card and my auto renewal choked on the old card number. It’s a good thing, too, because a Gold Card from Amazon will only run you $46.99 (compared to $59.99 from Microsoft), and you can get it instantly with the Online Game Code option.

So a tidbit of advice for all you online gamers looking to save yourself from getting ripped off by the man. Turn off your auto renewal and hit up Amazon when you need to renew. Spend that extra loot on some new game titles rather than making the man rich.

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