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Yankees ban Apple iPad at stadium

Even though Apple has led millions to believe the iPad is more than just a laptop, the New York Yankees haven't given in to all the hype.

The Bronx Bombers have banned iPads because they fall under the "no laptops" security policy at Yankee Stadium.

Yahoo Sports is reporting that Spacekatgal, a commentator on video game site, complained security at Yankee Stadium turned her away recently for attempting to bring the iPad to a game.

"The security people told me it was not allowed and I was turned away at the gates. Why on earth would they have this policy? Terrorism concerns? I couldn't get an answer. I snuck it in under my jacket ... I bring it to Fenway all the time and they don't care." and Yahoo Sports have both confirmed security has, in fact, banned the iPad.

But why would anyone really want to bring the iPad, laptop or any other distracting gadget to a ballgame anyway? I thought ballgames were meant to help us to take a break from the daily grind of our digital lives.

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