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You'll have a ball with Jogoball

The Jogoball has a Bluetooth speaker and a

The Jogoball has a Bluetooth speaker and a gaming console built-in with 15 games. Credit: TNS/Handout

WHAT Jogoball

WHAT IT DOES What's small, round and packed with 1,000 hours of fun for all ages and does not have a screen? The answer is Jogoball, a baseball-sized handheld smiling character gadget that has a Bluetooth speaker and a gaming console built-in with 15 games. It's packed with more than 1,000 hours of content so no two games are the It comes from Yogibo, a company known for lifestyle furniture and accessories with comfort and relaxation, filled with sensory and health benefits.



WHAT'S HOT Since Jogoball doesn't have a screen, you need the companion app (iOS/Android) to choose a game. Game choices include music (use Jogoball like an instrument to make music), active (endurance workouts), mind (trivia), and social games. Once a game is chosen an announcer introduces the game and instructions.

To play, just toss Jogoball between players, roll or tap it — just make it move to activate any of six built-in axes of motion detection sensors inside of the durable device. A protective blue Hugibo silicone skin covering keeps it safe.LED lights on the Jogoball blink at different times based on the game being played. Inside is a rechargeable battery, and a micro USB cable is included for charging and loading free updates and new content.

WHAT'S NOT Replacement silicone character sleeve covers are available to change the look of the Jogoball, but they're $29 each.

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