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Good Evening

The Dow 16,000: How local investors reacted

Bridgette Gottlieb, 48


"Within the next week, I'm going to take my investments out and wait 'till it crashes around January."


John Gorney, 29


"I think it's great. People can feel comfortable to spend money knowing there's security in their investments. I don't know anything about the stock market though, I'd lose all my money."


James Armstrong, 39


"I've been in the market for like three years. I just haven't been successful at all. I have a small portfolio, but still . . ."


Jeremy Arotsky, 25

Manhattan, moving to Patchogue

"Even though the Dow went up, all my stuff went down. I don't really have any professional [investing] background."

-- Compiled by Ken Schachter and Lisa Du

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