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Globecomm's new multi-band telecom terminal

Globecomm website. (March 2011)

Globecomm website. (March 2011) Credit: Globecomm website

The wireless and satellite communications company Globecomm Systems Inc., of Hauppauge, has come up with a new model of its Auto-Explorer 1.2 Meter Multi-Band terminal

The Globecomm terminals provide two-way communications designed to meet the demands of military units, governmental agencies and corporations to extend their networks to remote locations that have little or no traditional telecommunications infrastructure.

Applications include voice, fax, data, video, Internet and LAN-to-LAN (local area network) connections. "Whether the need is remote communications, live videoconferencing,  surveillance or reconaissance, this lightweight solution can be deployed in a matter of minutes."

The company’s news release (which makes extensive use of acronyms and technical references) says: “The versatile, auto-aligning VSAT antenna uses band-specific feed cartridges with integrated RF electronics to enable quick and simple frequency conversion in the field from X to Ka to Ku satellite bands, and supports several OEM L-band modem products from CEFD, iDirect, HNS and Viasat.” 

The equipment is offered in single, dual or tri-band configurations. And, it is “among the first auto acquisition terminals in this class to be ARSTRAT-certified for Ka-band WGS operation.”

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