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Tough job market gives rise to resume lies

The worst job market in a generation has brought out the worst in some job seekers, who resort to resume fakery and other deceptions to get a leg up, according to Challenger, Gray & Christmas, the Chicago career-consulting firm.
The deception is never a good idea, especially now.

“There is very little proof that any form of resume boosting directly results in a job interview, much less a job offer,” said the firm’s chief executive John Challenger. “In contrast there are scores of examples of individuals who have been eliminated from candidacy or fired after a fraudulent resume was uncovered.”

Following is Challenger Gray’s list of the most common resume and interview infractions by catergory.

-Education: Listing degree from a school never attended; inflating grade- point average and graduate honors; citing degree from online, non-accredited education institution.

-Job title: Making up a title or boosting actual title by one or more levels in hopes of obtaining better salary offers.

-Compensation: Inflating current or previous salary and benefits to secure more money from prospective employer.

-Reason for leaving: Saying it was a mass downsizing when the discharge was based on performance; asked to leave, but saying you quit; underplaying or completely hiding poor relationships with superiors.

-Accomplishments: Overstating one’s contributions to a team project or company performance; claiming to have received special recognition; exaggerating level of participation in an important aspect of the business.

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