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Trade mag likes Hain's Kombucha-drink packaging

Hain Celestial's Kombucha Energy Shots.

Hain Celestial's Kombucha Energy Shots. Credit: Handout

A trade magazine for the packaging industry gives its approval this week to the "high-impact graphics" of a new product line, Kombucha Energy Shots, made by the Melville natural foods company Hain Celestial Group.

Hain is shipping Kombucha Energy Shots, produced by its Celestial Seasonings brand, in 2-ounce, brightly colored bottles to Whole Foods Market stores beginning this month, Packaging Digest reported Thursday on its online site.

By December, the drinks will be on display in natural foods stores nationwide, in bright orange, red or purple bottles, depending on the flavor, Packaging Digest says.

The drinks are based on a fermented tea mixture infused with a "mushroom" of live bacterial culture, with ginseng, guarana, vitamins and fruit flavorings.

Kombucha sales have grown 30 percent in the past year, the magazine said.

The beverage got a publicity boost, of sorts, in June when the actress Lyndsay Lohan was reported to have blamed it for an alcohol-detection device alert that, authorities said, indicated she had violated probation.

Due to its fermentable sugar, the drink contains alcohol, though usually in amounts below that of near-beer, 0.05 percent. The U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau says Kombucha is not an alcoholic beverage if its alcohol never goes above 0.5 percent during the process from fermenting to store shelf.

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