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Estate-sale company's reality TV show -- it's an earful

Brian Elenson and his estate-sales crew on TruTV

Brian Elenson and his estate-sales crew on TruTV Credit: TruTV

Tuesday night marks the premiere for a TV show about Brian Elenson's estate-sale company, based in Long Beach, 2muchstuff4me. 

The truTV reality show, “Big Brian: The Fortune Seller”, hasn’t even aired yet, but already garnered a nasty review that labels it “an earache.” 

The “TruTV series has people shouting at one another,” says the online critique by Tom Conroy  in Media Life Magazine, which is written for media buyers and planners. 

“Certain TV programs are hard to watch. Others are hard to listen to,” Conroy writes. 

“TruTV’s ‘Big Brian: The Fortune Seller’ is one of those reality shows that feature as much loud, rude arguing as possible. The effect is repellent."

The show is at 10 p.m. Tuesday on TruTV.

Newsday’s Diane Werts balances that review with her own take, writing, “one can only hope they're all as action-packed as tonight's premiere hour, in a house jammed with 700 cookie jars, Elvis and Beatles records, century-old rifles and bayonets, a Houdini cane, an Urkel doll and other thrills.”

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