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Uniondale company says it has a $12M satellite contract

Galileo spacecraft illustration

Galileo spacecraft illustration Credit: NASA

Frequency Electronics Inc. of Uniondale says it has a federal contract extension valued at around $12 million for a "high capacity, secure communications satellite program."

The new contract follows a previous $8 million multiyear deal involving the satellite master timing system.

Frequency has supplied such devices for numerous U.S. government space projects including the  shuttle and the Pioneer Venus and Galileo probes. (Above left is a NASA illustration of the Galileo spacecraft.)

Frequency's master timing system is made up of "redundant quartz oscillators, rubidium atomic clocks, frequency synthesizers and DC to DC [volatage] converters," the Mitchel Field-based company said.

"Our more than 40-year legacy of unparalleled performance on similar satellite applications keeps us in the lead in timing and frequency generation systems for broadband secure communications," Frequency's chief executive, Martin Block, said.

"This leadership position provides our company with major opportunities for growth and profitability."

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