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Funding a last-minute vacation

Why stay home for vacation? Visitors to this

Why stay home for vacation? Visitors to this lookout point for Waimea Canyon in Waimea, Hawaii, enjoy the view on Feb. 15. Credit: AP / Jennifer McDermott

There’s nothing like long days and sunshine to put you in the mood for a little R&R. But 24 percent of Americans won’t hit the road to vacay this summer because they can’t afford to, according to a new survey of more than 1,000 people for

Decide that staying home isn’t an option. Push back your holiday till September, and scramble to make that trip happen.

Here’s how.

•Work harder

“To increase earnings over the next couple of months, start a side hustle, like being an Uber driver,” says Alexander Lowry, a finance professor at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts.

•Sell unwanted items

What’s in your home that you longer need? Lamps, sporting equipment, clothes, toys? Sell on sites like Facebook Marketplace.

“Chances are you have hundreds of dollars’ worth of goods you don’t need in your garage or closet. I recently made $300 by selling just a few items online, which I’m stashing away for a trip to Hawaii in August,” says Bakersfield, California-consumer expert Andrea Woroch.

•What’s in your wallet?

Travel rewards cards generally offer a sign-up bonus of thousands of redeemable points if a new cardholder spends a set amount in a certain time frame.

“These points are usually enough to help fund part of a trip, to redeem a free night’s stay or part of a round trip flight. If you know a trip is a few months away, these cards can be a great tool to help fund a trip as you spend on everyday purchases,” says Jacob Lunduski, a financial industry analyst with

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