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Veeco of Plainview launches new nanoscale microscope

Veeco Instruments Inc. has developed a new atomic force microscope for use by computer chip-makers and other industries requiring measurements at the nanometer (or billionth of a meter) level, the Plainview-based company said this week.

A new nanoscience measurement instrument, the Dimension Edge Atomic Force Microscope System is an improvement over past models in its "simplified package with a compact footprint," Veeco said in a news release.

The new system, for use by physical and life sciences investigators, is also cheaper and easier to operate than previous models, Veeco said.

"We continue to develop and release revolutionary new AFM products, modes and system improvements aimed at enabling our customers to push scientific boundaries and set new standards in their work," David Rossi, Veeco's vice president and atomic force microscope division general manager, said in the news release.

"We also want to break down the cost and productivity barriers facing today's researchers. With the Dimension Edge, Veeco again shows its dedication to making nanoscale materials and device characterization accessible to every facility and user."

Veeco makes machines used by manufacturers of light-emitting diodes, solar cells and data storage; and its metrology segment makes machines used for scientific measurements.

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