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5 ways to stop wasting money and get ahead in 2018

One key change for many, experts say, is to drink less. More than 4.5 million people admit they spend more than $200 a week on booze.

Want to save money? Consider cutting back on

Want to save money? Consider cutting back on liquor. Photo Credit: Getty Images / andresr

You know what they say, “new year, new you.” One area that likely needs changing is your finances. Where are you wasting money?

Decide every penny counts. Spending even a dollar unwisely should make you cringe.

  • Hit the pause button: “Postpone a new vehicle purchase. It’s a big money saver to get another year out of your present car, especially if you own the car. Why take on new debt if it can be postponed a year or two?” says Mark Snyder, a financial adviser in Medford.
  • Drink less: “More than 4.5 million of us admit to spending in excess of $200 per week on imbibing. That’s $10,400! Cutting down on your booze will be great for your health and your wallet,” says Jennifer McDermott, a consumer advocate for
  • Plan: Little fees add up. Vow to avoid late fees, ATM surcharges, overdraft fees — any unnecessary fees that you won’t incur if you just stay mindful. Monitor your account so you know how much you have, and only use ATMs in your network.
  • Forget food delivery: “Meeting minimum order limits and adding on delivery fees is driving the cost of dinner sky high. Pick up your order. Better yet, cook a meal with ingredients you have at home. You’ll save hundreds of dollars over a year,” says McDermott.
  • Limit online shopping: Says McDermott, “Impulsive shoppers spend on average $81.65 per session and often regret it. For those who spend monthly that is an estimated $979.80 going to waste per year.”


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