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What not to buy until after the holidays

Hold off on buying exercise equipment for

Hold off on buying exercise equipment for the holidays -- prices are up to 70 percent higher than they will be in February, experts say. Credit: iStock

The holiday shopping season is officially in full swing. While there are sales to entice you to buy, buy, buy, what items might be worth waiting until the New Year to purchase at a better price?

Forget things that sparkle. “From engagement rings to bracelets, there are huge markups for jewelry during the holidays. Expect to pay from 25 to 80 percent more than you would in July,” says Mike Catania, co-founder of

Table the treadmill. Many people think exercise equipment is a great gift and will encourage New Year’s resolution to get in shape. That demand pumps up prices. “There’s no worse time to buy dumbbells than now. Prices are up to 70 percent higher than they will be in February, which is the best time to buy,” Catania says.

Leave the luggage for later. A set of suitcases may be the perfect gift for your traveling loved one, but “Buy it in March. It’s in between vacation seasons. Prices go on sale at this time every year. Sale and clearance luggage was discounted as much as 80 percent last year,” says Sara Skirboll, a shopping expert for

Cool out on clothes. Jeans, athletic footwear, coats and boots — these Christmas gift favorites will be better priced after Christmas, says Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst with The NPD Group in Port Washington. But keep in mind: “Waiting for the best prices comes with the risk of having to settle for a different style, size or color.”

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