BRIDGEPORT - This week, News 12 Connecticut's What's Ailing You looks at genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. 

GMOs are created by scientists by inserting specific genes into the DNA of crops either to help them grow better or to produce a crop with certain characteristics.

Those who are against genetically modifying food say it messes with nature and contributes to health problems like food allergies. Others who support engineering crops point out that there's no scientific evidence to show the resulting foods are harmful.

Gov. Dannel Malloy signed into law that food companies in Connecticut have to include in their labels if the item has GMOs in it. 

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One way to know if a food is GMO-free is to look for the "non-GMO project verified" label. 

Food and Drug Administration officials say they support voluntary labeling. They say food derived from genetic engineering meets the same FDA safety requirements as food from traditionally bred plants.

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