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What to look for on recalled products

A broadening recall now includes 27 products in Johnson & Johnson's Tylenol line. McNeil Products, the manufacturer for Tylenol products, said the recall affects several products for which there have been no complaints.

Children's Tylenol

Tylenol (regular, extra-strength and eight-hour)

Infants' Tylenol

Tylenol Arthritis Caplets

Tylenol PM

Children's Motrin

Motrin IB

Benadryl Allergy tablets

Rolaids Antacid tablets

Simply Sleep

St. Joseph's aspirin

The lot numbers of recalled products can be found on the bottom of the box and the sticker around the bottle.

Customers can find instructions on how to make returns at (Click here to connect.) or by calling 888-222-6036

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